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Our users really liked the cardboard blocks used in the presentation of Startup Framework. Many people wanted to buy those and use for a quick prototyping. Today we have something better than simple cardboard blocks.

About Generator

Today we want to present you a cool new tool that will help you visually create a prototype of your future website using the blocks in the framework. Now, creating your site with Startup Framework will be even more fun.

What is most valuable in the Generator is the ability to export the created prototype to HTML / CSS / LESS. Now all of this in more detail.

Drag & Drop any of the Blocks

In the left panel there are categories of all the components included in Startup Framework. After picking the category, you can select the component you want to use and drag & drop to the project area. You can click on the selected components in the menu, if its easier for you.

Reorder selected blocks if you want

You can change the position of any of your blocks by simply dragging them up or down.

Remove Blocks

If you want to remove any of the selected blocks, just drop them back to the menu panel.

Share with your partners

As soon as you have the result you were aiming for, you can discuss the created prototype with your partners or just share with your friends.

Export to HTML / CSS / LESS

A special feature Generator has is exporting the prototype to HTML/CSS/LESS. This feature is available for all customers of Startup Framework now.


We have altered the Startup Framework presentation a little bit and now you can import any of the samples into Generator.

View Sample 1

Here is a combination of a sign in form and some sort of “buy now” banner. There were so many ideas and thoughts how to show/animate these blocks but we decided to keep this one, because it’s looks original and “organic” in some ways. Organic is always good, right? :)

Sign In and Purchase Combination

As of right now, Generator is under Beta. If you notice any bugs, make sure to let us know.

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