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We are glad, that this product awaits thousands of people and now we can surely say that we have made Startup Framework really awesome. What we wanted to produce at the start of our way meets up our expectations and great efforts we made while creating such a large-scaled project.


Here is a short part of the video we have shot for the presentation. We have passed through the whole process of video shooting — from concept up to editing and color correcting. We must say that video shooting is very interesting and we should surely tell you about how the shootings run already after the launch of Startup Framework.

We have created a product that will help designers, developers and companies to build a website for their startups not spending much time on it. There are a lot of different blocks and samples that will help you to create a perfect site for your startup. It’s simple!

We really appreciate your interest in this project and we do our best to take into consideration your opinions and feedbacks. We already have big plans for further development of Startup Framework and we are aiming to take Designmodo to the next level. Just a bit of patience and soon you’ll see everything yourself.

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PS: Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!